Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chennai Fun Facts

Some interesting facts about my new home. And some not so interesting ones.

1. Population = 7.5 million. And it's only the 4th largest city in the country. This is 20% of California, people - do not complain to me about congestion in your city.

2. Also known as "The Detroit of Southern Asia" because of its car manufacturing, which comprises 30% of India's auto industry. My old GM client would be so proud.

3. Previously named Madras, this actually is the namesake of that preppy patterned fabric you can buy at J Crew (so named because it is traditionally produced in that part of the country). Dartmouth, I have come full circle.
Incidentally, the massive hand-looming industry is also the reason there is a spinning wheel at the center of the Indian flag. Yes, believe it or not, this is supposed to be a spinning wheel.

4. Located on the thermal equator, which means it has the highest mean annual temperature of its longitude. Truly a statistic to be proud of.

5. Home to the large, and clearly globally acclaimed, Tamil movie industry of Kollywood. That's right, Kollywood. At some point these LA references are going to get out of control. (In the interest of actually providing some non-satirical facts in this post: Tamil is the native tribe of the Tamil Nadu, of which Chennai is the capital. Tamil is also the local language, although both English and Hindi are taught in school.)

6. Lastly, Chennai is the sister city of Denver, Colorado! This is particularly auspicious since my non-profit business partner, Vanessa, lives in Denver. (Non-profit business partner, what? Details to come.)


selva said...

Hi Joanne, selva here...just visited ur blog fortunately...gud to read ur arrival to chennai and u gonna work over here...and u hav given sum useful info abt chennai.... anyhow gud to read...great job done...Me working as software engineer in chennai and if possible do keep n touch cselvamca@gmail.com...take care...Chennai is waiting for ur arrival :) ..All the best...happy journey....

srini said...

Hi Joanne...just happened to stumble upon your blog.First things first...Welcome to Chennai (Madras).

Chennai is also historically important.This is where Robert Clive of the East India Company (England) fought and won decisive battles against Duplex, another equally brilliant French Captain-and thus laid the stone for the British empire in India.

By the way who ever has told you that the wheel found in the Indian flag is a spinning wheel,is misinformed. It is called "Ashok Chakra"-replica of the wheel carved on stone pillar, a famous symbol of the great King Ashoka.


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vinoth vino said...

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